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Annual Public Safety Survey

The Seattle Police Department is working with social scientists to reach, and listen to, a broader range of voices in our community. Police have long relied on 9-1-1 calls and reports as a primary means of identifying priorities. But 9-1-1 and police reports don't always tell the whole story. SPD is partnered with two research groups to gather expansive community input, to help our department make informed decisions about complex public safety issues. SPD's work with Seattle University led to the development of our Micro Community Policing Plans, which have guided our precinct-level priorities. The MCPPs recognize and address that no two neighborhoods in Seattle are the same, and help direct police services to address the individual needs of each community.

SPD is also now publishing data gathered by Zencity, showing how the people of Seattle feel about the department and its services. Zencity will deliver short digital surveys to Seattle residents so they can provide confidential feedback on how safe they feel, how much they trust police, and to identify the main concerns they want the SPD to address.

The Seattle Police Department understands the importance of community feedback and partnerships. By using better, more representative data from our city's residents, we're better equipped to find solutions to the problems that matter most to you and your neighbors.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Change Single Family Zones

The City Council approved the Comprehensive Plan Amendment that relabeled all Single Family Zones. The new name is "Neighborhood Residential." The next step will be changes to the land use code to allow more dense development in formerly single family zones. We will post additional information when it's available.

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment can be found below.

Homestead Land Trust Developments in Phinney!Arj1LWdFK0oJkAH9Fr5MLVqjA2wh

Above is link to recording of the June 2021 PRCC meeting with the Director of Homestead Land Trust (HLT). HLT is developing two properties on Phinney that will provide a mix of condo units, some priced as "affordable" and some as market rate.