6555 Greenwood Avenue Development 2022-2023

SDCI has released the Administrative Design Review report for this project which replaces the existing fourplex with between 28 and 32 small efficient dwelling units squeezed on the site between the old apartment building at 67th and the new "townhouse + ADU" development to the south. The developer is asking for several departures from the code. It appears that the planner is going to grant some of those departures on the basis that doing so creates a better design. The departure mostly concern reducing required setbacks. None of the options provides sufficient room for the exiting trees on the North side. 

Administrative Design Review Report Released 


Please find the Administrative Design Review report for the proposed development located at 6555 Greenwood Ave N. at the Design Review website link here and enter the project number or address: No. 3039689-EG


 The project plans and application materials (including the attached meeting report) can also be found by typing in the project address in the Seattle Services Portal: https://cosaccela.seattle.gov/portal/Cap/CapHome.aspx?module=DPDPermits&TabName=DPDPermits

 If you have further comments or questions related to the project, please submit your comment here:  www.seattle.gov/project/comment, or the planner, David Landry, at David.Landry@Seattle.gov.