6817 Greenwood Proposed Development

UPDATE 8/12/22 Design Review

6817 Greenwood Ave N

Land Use Application to allow a 6-story, 24-unit apartment building. No parking proposed. Existing building to be demolished. Early Design Guidance Review conducted under 3032679-EG. This project is participating in the Living Building Pilot Program.

Design Proposal

Record Number: 3032404-LU - Seattle Services Portal | Seattle.gov

The NW Design Review Board held the recommendation meeting on July 25, 2022 and gave the project the "go ahead." See recording of the meeting, and the plan documents at link above for project 3032404.

Project Number

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Ellen Aebischer

UPDATE: 5/3/2022 - The developer (Ed Galludett) and architect (Steve Bull) provided a report on status of the project at the May PRCC meeting. They are working through some issues with SDCI and expect the final Design Review Recommendation meeting for some time in July. The units are 11 studios and 13 one bedroom units in the 400-450 square foot size. No MHA On-Site production of affordable units. There are outstanding issues concerning sufficiency of on-site energy generation and placement of off-site solar panels to meet the conditions of the Living Building criteria but the plans show the building at 65 feet base height, which includes use of the additional story of height under the LBC.

12/2021 - The developer has submitted a Master Use Permit set of documents. Find it on line. The final Design Review meeting has not been set yet but should occur within the next three months.

3032404-LU Master Use Permit

Status Reviews In Process

Date 12/22/2021

Land Use Application to allow a 6-story, 24-unit apartment building. No parking proposed.

NOTE: There was be a brief update on this project at the October 2021 PRCC Meeting with additional information on the Living Building aspects at the November meeting. See Agendas for Meeting Notes.

This proposed apartment building is located on the small lot between the Fini Condos and the Woodland Park Presbyterian Church. The developer is proposing a 24 unit building, no on-site parking. and has indicated an interest in participating in the city's Livable Building pilot program which will allow an additional story of height (from 5 to 6 stories) and additional floor area in exchange for meeting certain "sustainable" design criteria.

A virtual Design Review (DR) session was held May 3, 2021. The SDCI project number is 3032679-EG-002

Check this site later for additional information on how to provide public comment at the DR.

You may also submit comments to SDCI at ON THE PROJECT PAGE AT SDCI WEBSITE.

Additional information including Correction Notices (info or clarifications that SDCI requests from the developer) can be found at http://www.seattle.gov/sdci/permits/comment-on-a-project. Type 3032679-EG-002 in the Check Status box.