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The Fate of Trees in Seattle is the topic for April 4 at 7pm

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 The Land Use Committee (Dan Strauss, chair) began discussion on a new (watered down) version from the original updated tree ordinance which was appealed by the Master Builders Assn. That appeal was rejected but observers feel that the "revised" ordinance has too many loopholes. Comment and debate on the ordinance will continue until April 26 and voted on by the full council on May 9.  


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AN ORDINANCE relating to tree protection; balancing the need for housing production and increasing tree protections; and amending Sections 23.44.020, 23.47A.016, 23.48.055, 23.76.004, 23.76.006, and Chapter 25.11 of the Seattle Municipal Code.  Text of ordinance and background info here

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL - Record No: CB 120534 ( 

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Here are some of the problems with the ordinance per its critics:

Tree and density advocates are concerned about the significant tree removal incentives provided with the proposed 2023 version of the tree ordinance. Revise the proposed ordinance to amend the tree removal incentives as follows:

·       the proposed  85% lot coverage provision is just 2.5-ft from being lot-line-to-lot-line. Revised the lot coverage provision to be higher than 60% lot coverage (as detailed below). Allocate 20% of lot for exterior amenity space and tree provisions.

·       the $2,833 fee-in-lieu for tree removal is too low by a factor of 8. SDCI projects 483 trees to be removed with resulting collected funds only suffice to allow just 55 trees to be planted (figuring the cost to plant and maintain a new tree for 5 years), and

·       the proposed removal of private property tree groves from the Directors Rule definition of protected ‘tier 2’ trees. Reinstate the provisions for Tree Groves within the Directors Rule and all code provisions.

For the Master Builders perspective: :

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