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Specific zoning changes related to the Comp Plan will be available in the fall of 2024 but city planners have indicated proposals to increase the height of buildings along and within 800 feet of  "frequent transit corridors" like the #5 bus along Greenwood/Phinney to encourage construction of 4-6 story apartments. On left side is image from a city presentation showing these new zones.  See larger image here

See Map of expanded Urban Centers and Neighborhood Centers in District 6 on the Seattle Comp Plan Update Info page.  This includes proposed center at 65th/Phinney, Tangletown and the Winona area near Green Lake.  Community members raised questions about the appropriateness of these locations for increased density. See more at link below.

The link above takes you to the full

draft Comp Plan, related EIS and other resources and background information on proposed zoning and land use changes. 

$1.55 Billion Transportation Levy

On July 10, 2024, Mayor Bruce Harrell signed into law the legislation that will place the Transportation Levy on Seattle voters’ ballots in November 2024. The legislation was unanimously approved by the City Council on July 9. 

Zoo Events... See list of events at the zoo that will affect local traffic and parking. The 2024 Zoo concert lineup is here

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