6817 Greenwood N Development

This proposed apartment building is located on the small lot between the Fini Condos and the Woodland Park Presbyterian Church. The developer is proposing a 24 unit building, no on-site parking. and has indicated an interest in participating in the city's Livable Building pilot program which will allow an additional story of height (from 5 to 6 stories) and additional floor area in exchange for meeting certain "sustainable" design criteria.

A virtual Design Review (DR) session is currently scheduled for May 3, 2021. The SDCI project number is 3032679-EG-002

Check this site later for additional information on how to provide public comment at the DR.

You may also submit comments to SDCI at prc@seattle.gov Be sure to reference the project number in your email subject line.

See the attached files from the SCDI website which are the two versions of the project - with, and without the Living Building Challenge elements.

Additional information including Correction Notices (info or clarifications that SDCI requests from the developer) can be found at http://www.seattle.gov/sdci/permits/comment-on-a-project. Type 3032679-EG-002 in the Check Status box.