Survey About Changing the Greenwood-Phinney Urban Village Boundaries

posted Aug 7, 2018, 5:22 PM by CBF

Dear Neighbor -

The impacts of more development with regards to on-street parking are intensifying.  Please participate in this short Survey about a proposed way to address these impacts by changing the boundaries of the Greenwood-Phinney Urban Village.

  • This poll is intended to gather the opinion of Phinney residents and those who frequent the Phinney Ridge neighborhood.
  • We will not share or publish any names or addresses.
  • A tally of votes will guide the Phinney Ridge Community Council in preparing a proposal to the City Council for a boundary adjustment.

Individuals should respond to this survey only once - even if you receive notification several times.  Responses from each adult in a household are encouraged.  Please share the survey link with other household members.  We'd like everyone's input. 

Thank you

Click to take the Survey
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Additional Resources

Click here to see the map of the Greenwood-Phinney Urban Village boundary as it is now - which runs from 65th to 92nd

Click here to read about the City’s plans to further reduce parking requirements.
Please complete the survey only if you live in and/or frequent the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. 

NOTE:  You may receive this email through more than one source.  Please only complete the survey once per individual.  Each adult in a household is encouraged to complete the survey.  A separate email address may be necessary.  Please forward to other qualified individuals.