SCALE: Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability, and Equity

posted May 18, 2018, 10:45 PM by CBF

SCALE Notice of Appeal:
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Seattle Fair Growth 2442 NW Market Street, Box 487 Seattle, WA 98107
If SCALE is successful, Greenwood/Phinney Urban Village may have a good chance of having a revised height and bulk decrease.


SCALE Appeal Schedule and Prehearing Order

Amended 24April2018

Dates (from 16 Feb 2018 Pre-Hearing Order). All deadlines 5 pm except June 11.

April 2: Appellants’ Preliminary Witness and Exhibits lists

April 9: City’s Preliminary Witness and Exhibits lists

April 11: City’s responses due to written discovery

April 13: Appellants (and City?) Update Preliminary Witness and Exhibits lists as a result of City’s responses to written discovery

April 12 – May 31: Deposition period

April 30 May 31: Cut-off date for depositions

April 30 May 31: Discovery and in limine motions final date

            Responses due within 7 days

            Replies due within 2 days

May 11: Final Date for Motions including Summary Judgment

            Responses to Motions due within 14 calendar days

                                    City Filed April 17; SCALE Response due May Day

            Replies on Motions due within 7 calendar days of Response

June 11, Noon (Monday): Appellants’ Final Witness and Exhibits Lists due

Copies of Exhibits must be served by 5 p.m. unless known to be in City possession. Witness and Exhibits list is filed. Exhibits are NOT filed with HE.

June 11: Third Pre-Hearing, 3:30 pm; discuss hearing time allocation and schedule; parties to come prepared with time needs/desires and “availability of witnesses”

June 18: City Final Witness and Exhibits Lists due, along with copies of exhibits known NOT to be in possession of other parties. Exhibits NOT filed with HE.

June 25 – 29: First week of hearing

July 23 – 27: Second week of hearing

August 20 – 24: Possible extended hearing dates TBD at June 11 Third Pre-Hearing; Other dates possible between August 13 and 31.