Public Safety Information and Tips from the Seattle Police Department

posted Oct 11, 2017, 2:00 PM by PRCC Webmaster

Seattle Police Department Community Safety Information:

The following information provided to us thanks to:
Mary Amberg
Seattle Police Department
Crime Prevention Coordinator

Your community police team officers’ names and contact information:

Officer Cruzan (206) 233-3733
Officer Bender (206) 233-3984  

Community police team officers are available to help the community with chronic issues. If there is a crime always report it first before contacting Officer Cruzan or Officer Bender. Please feel free to contact me (Mary Amberg) anytime with Seattle Police questions.

Finding out what is going on in your area:

Tweet By Beat:

Seattle Police Blotter:  

Consider joining NextDoor:      

View Police Reports:

You can call the North Precinct at 206-684-0794 to ask for a “request to watch”.

Your micro policing neighborhood is Phinney Ridge or Greenwood. Knowing this information is helpful if you want to look up crime statistics and crime reports for your area which can be done at:

You can see police and fire responses to 911 calls within the last 48 hours at:

Graffiti information:

The graffiti Detective’s Personal website:

The online crime reporting link is:

  • Property Destruction
  • Identity Theft
  • Car Prowls (under $1500)
  • Auto Accessories
    (under $1500)
  • Theft of Property (under $500)
  • *Narcotics Activity* This link will take you to information about the NARs report as well as give the narcotic detectives phone number.
  • Graffiti (must upload photos)

Why can't I use online reporting for all crimes? Some crimes and incidents may require evidence collection or other investigative procedures requiring an officer’s involvement. Also, only crimes that have no suspects, are not in progress and do not involve injury can be reported this way. This is for the safety of everyone involved. Reporting suspicious activity can be done through 911 or SPD non-emergency (206) 625-5011.

Seattle Police Traffic Unit: You can either call Kasey Loete 206-684-8722 or you can email her at She will help you with next steps to take if you want more speed traffic enforcement on your street.

For traffic calming measures such as speed humps, traffic circles, and radar speed signs information .

License Plates and Abandoned Vehicles: Please report abandoned vehicles (sitting in one spot for over 72 hours) especially those that are connecting with suspicious activity. If you suspect an abandoned vehicle may be stolen, you can check the plates against our stolen car Twitter account at - you do not need an account to view this information. You can report an abandoned vehicle online using our Abandoned Vehicle Reporting Form .

SPD Parking Enforcement: (206) 368-9012.

North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC) :  Meets the first Wednesday of every month. 7-8:30 p.m. The meeting is at Lakeside School, 14050 1st Ave NE, in the Kent Evans Auditorium in a building on upper school campus.  This is a great place to meet and speak with the police and neighborhood leaders.

For more information about SMART 911:

Find it Fix it App:

  • Graffiti: report graffiti, including what it is on — parking meter, utility pole or building — so it gets automatically routed to the appropriate department for response.
  • Illegal Dumping: report illegal dumping — junk, garbage or debris — on public property, including roadsides, open streets and paved alleys.
  • Pothole: report a pothole.
  • Parking Enforcement: make an inquiry regarding a parking concern.
  • Streetlight Report: report a streetlight outage or damaged streetlight.
  • Needles: On weekdays after 5 p.m. call the Needles Hotline at 206-684-7587, on weekends call 206-643-3682.
  • Other Inquiry: this miscellaneous category is for making an inquiry or request not listed above, which will be processed by the City's Customer Service Bureau. 206-684-CITY. Mobile users should choose this category to provide feedback.

Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections : To make a property or building complaint

Please contact me (Mary Amberg, contact info above) if you would like a security assessment on your home or business.