New Project Proposed at 7009 Greenwood - Former Orowheat Property

posted Aug 10, 2016, 8:58 AM by PRCC Webmaster   [ updated Aug 10, 2016, 9:04 AM ]

The Design proposal for 7009 Greenwood, formally the Orowheat property is posted. An Early Design Guidance (EDG) meeting, which is a public opportunity for feedback on the plans, is scheduled for MONDAY AUG 15 2016 at Ballard Community Center 6020 28th Ave W at 8 pm.

Click HERE for the permit application, design documents, etc. (link is from tools and resources; type in address; click see details about this address; tab over to Documents.)  (Permit Application # 3023260),

The existing zone along Greenwood Phinney is currently 40 ft, HALA proposes 55 ft and requires an EIS according to information. This project proposes a rezone to 65 ft. The rezone requires public input at this Early Design Guidance meeting, a presentation to the Hearing Examiner and approval by the City Council.

This is early design so there are several options presented, three of which are 65 ft tall + 4 foot bonus height. The top floor is recessed from the first five. The elevator shaft is another 15+ ft higher. There is an exterior/interior courtyard a open space to the west which could become a park. For reference on height, the Isola project currently being built will be 40 ft plus bonus height as is the Fini across the street.

Since the download packet is a very large file---
The response to the Greenwood Phinney Design Guidelines begins on pg 33
The options for the shape of the buildings begins on pg 39 and
The shadow study for height is on pg 60

Please SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS comments referencing this project by name in writing to the City, and plan to ATTEND the Design Guidance meeting next MONDAY AUG 15 2016 at Ballard Community Center 6020 28th Ave W at 8 pm.