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  May 23, 2016 // Issue # 5 

We have launched an online tool to get your feedback on HALA’s proposals. 

This is an interactive survey where you can see other respondents' opinions alongside your own. Many of the recommendations in this survey were generated by community conversations and they cover a wide variety of topics.  

It will also be evolving and changing and new elements of HALA are being developed. Please check in regularly to see new questions.

    photo credit: Chris Blakely, flickr.com
Photo taken November 15, 2015 in West Queen Anne  
Focus Groups start their work

In January, Mayor Murray invited anyone in the city who wanted to get involved in shaping the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) to apply for participation in focus groups. We had an overwhelming response with nearly 700 applicants. In the end, approximately 170 people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives are coming together to learn about land use, equity and other factors so they can provide the City and fellow Seattleites more targeted, ongoing feedback on HALA and related issues. We'll report here on their progress. They are focusing on the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) Program which is the cornerstone of the Grand Bargain.
Community Voices
We have spent time with different local groups recently. Here are some of their thoughts.

Magnolia Community Council (via letter):
  • Expansion of multi-family housing will enhance downtown Magnolia
  • Support for increased height limits in
    multi-family / commercial areas as a part of the new Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) program
  • Eager to support potential light rail station at Dravus and NW 20th
Ravenna / Bryant Neighborhood Association (approximately 35 people):
  • Concern with displacement and growth impacts on current community members
  • Expressed interest in strengthening design quality
  • Desire to avoid concentration of poverty and to see new affordable units in their neighborhood
  • Support for the new program, MHA, and proposed investments in affordable housing
  • Desire to strengthen Tenant Relocation Ordinance to support renters
  • Support for eliminating barriers to housing for people with criminal backgrounds

Queen Anne Land Use Review Committee (approximately 100 people):
  • Expressed interest in zoning changes and how they can weigh in on specifics
  • Concern about parking loss and transportation investments
  • Concern with any modifications to regulations on Accessory Dwelling Units

Upcoming Events

Join us at one of our upcoming meetings, online or at events that we are attending. More updates throughout the summer. And, check out our online calendar. We include dates that City Council will be discussing important issues and other items related to HALA.

Recent News
Read what the news media and bloggers are saying about HALA.

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