City-Wide Community Meeting to discuss the City’s Final Environment Impact Statement (EIS)

posted Oct 27, 2018, 5:18 PM by PRCC Webmaster

Protect Every Seattle Neighborhood!

A City-Wide Community Meeting

November 1, 2018    7:00-9:00 pm

Queen Anne Community Center, Room 1

1901 1st Avenue West, 98119


Seattle Neighborhood’s Call to Action


Urgent Action – Every Neighborhood!


The Queen Anne Community Council invites you to attend our City-Wide Community Meeting to discuss the City’s Final Environment Impact Statement (EIS) and the background behind our filing the necessary appeal.  We will discuss the EIS, answer your questions, discuss next steps and hopeful outcomes, and consider ways that you can help protect your neighborhood.


While Queen Anne officially filed this appeal, we are representing you and every other Seattle neighborhood and single-family property owner.  Our appeal challenges the adequacy of the EIS as it concludes that Mike O’Brien’s proposed city-wide legislation to eliminate and convert your single-family property to multi-family triplexes with no parking or ownership requirements has not even one impact. 


Please forward this email to neighbors and friends!

We’ll see you next Thursday

Queen Anne Appeal Website


Thank you,

Queen Anne Community Council
Ellen Monrad, Chair
Martin Henry Kaplan, AIA, Chair of Land Use Review Committee

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