PRCC Board Members

Officers (6/15-6/16; next year's officers will be elected by the board at an upcoming meeting)

Alice Poggi, President (5/17)
Carolyn Lee, Vice President/Secretary (5/17)
Terry Cook, Treasurer (5/16)

Chuck Ayers (5/17)
John Bito (5/17)
Scott French (5/18)
Craig Fryhle (5/17) 
Duncan Griffin (5/18)
Ted Inkley (5/18)
Mark Phillips, Zoo Liaison (5/18)

Jeff Reibman (5/18)

Marylou Reslock (5/17)

Susan Wagner (5/17)
Irene Wall, City Neighborhood Council Representative (5/17)
Tom Yeager (5/17)

Term expiration dates given in parentheses.