PRCC Board Members

2020-2021 Officers (Term of Office: 6/20-5/21)

Alice Poggi, President (5/20)
Ted Inkley, Vice President (5/20)
Remington Below, Secretary (5/20)
Terry Cook, Treasurer (5/20)

Board Members (above officers included in this list; date of term expiration in parentheses)
Cecile Andrews (5/21)
Remington Below, Secretary (5/20)
Terry Cook, Treasurer (5/20)
Michael DeBell (5/20)
Mike Richards (5/21)
Craig Fryhle (5/21)  
Duncan Griffin (5/20)
Jessica Horton (5/21)
Ted Inkley, Vice President (5/20)
Tracy Peltier (5/21)

Alice Poggi, President (5/21)

Tom Yeager (5/20)

Irene Wall, (5/21)

Mark Phillips, Zoo Liaison (ongoing)

Board Term expiration dates given in parentheses.